If you have any questions about the event and registrations or for assistance please contact Odette Bowyer.

For those of you who are keen to stay on and explore Hawke’s Bay, please go to the Hawke’s Bay regional website.

Attendees List:
Adam Harris – Grow
Alan Peck – Wellington Institute of Technology
Anna Austin – Advintage
Anna Lorck – Attn Marketing
Andrew Gilkes – China Access
Andrew Common – kiwi Crunch
Amanda Sye – no 9
Ailne Bradley – NURVE
Ash Ireland – Craggy Range
Brad Friis – Xplore.Net
Brenda Chapman – Eastern Institute of Technology
Bronwyn Dilley – Intelligentsia
Ben Deller – Airnet NZ Ltd
Bruce Emmerson – Kooga
Charlotte Orr – 3webfeet Limited
Craig Meek – Futuretech
David Barton-Ginger – New Zealand Rugby Union
Dan Browne – Indelible
Damon Harvey – Profit
Delwyn Corin – ATEED
Drew Broadley – Hawke’s Bay Regional Council
Frayne Cooke  – Associated Media
Francis de Jager – Black Barn Vineyards
Georgina Miller – Mogul
Greg Hahn – Powow
Greer Marshall – Oil Imports
Guy McPhail p – Kooga
Hamish White – Airnet
Heather Tindall – Tindall Family Dental
Inger Logan – Future Finance
Jane Traymore – Stephens Lawyers
Jeff Mann – Jericho Ltd
Jeremy Hunt – Brand Spanking
Joanne Wakelin – The Simpl Group
John MacPherson – Advintage
Josh Woodham – Social Kiwi
John MacPherson – Advintage
Kelli Greene Caldwell – Indelible
Leanne Webster – Eastern Institute of Technology
Lee Wildbore – Future Finance
Linda Robinson – NEXT
Lisa Curphy – Porse
Matt Townsend – Federation Media
Matt Rowe – Uprise
Magdalena VandenBerg – Elephant Hill
Marcus Smith – CodeBlue
Mark Revington – Unlimited
Megan Williams – NZ International Arts Festival
Michael Fowler – Eastern Institute of Technology
Michael Henley – Craggy Range Winery
Michael Stephens – Stephens Lawyers
Mike Huxford – Citrus Shuttles
Murray MacRae – Creative HQ
Natalie Corkery – Craggy Range
Nick Marsh – NEXT
Nick Lewis – Woodward Partners
Paul Evans – Hastings District Council
Patrick O’Sullivan – Hawke’s Bay Today
Ryan Jennings – Social Kiwi
Ray Thomson – Thomson Investments
Rachel Dixon – Viocorp
Steve Sheppard – Learning Media Ltd
Stephen Hill – Future Finance
Sarah Alexander-Willcox – PR-Ink
Teriu Lemon – Wellington Institute of Technology
Terry Jennings -Handshake Media
Tom Legrice – Gen-i
Tim Hansen – Grow
Tom Reidy – Catalyst 90
Vicky Roebuck – Hawkes Bay Tourism
The names of attendees are updated weekly.

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